• Some Title
    Will Ferrell's Sunscreen viral ad making competition.
  • Another Title
    Unique layout complements science fiction writer Andy Stewart's style.
  • Yet Another Title
    Custom animation for Will Ferrell's Sunscreen product.
  • In the Woods
    Highly streamlined & clean design for Hydrocom's Water Controller.
  • In the Woods
    Grunge web portfolio for niche iconic tattooist, Sean Herman.
  • Some link
    Promotional video for Mortals & Giants raises Bi-Polar awarness.
  • Aenean nulla
    American blues musician, Chicago Pete, live performance video.

Thousandaire meets MILLION AIR

Documentary film making tends to have it’s perks from time to time.  On any given work day you might find yourself filming in a high tech lab, a wedding, a foreign country, a seminar on hypnosis, or even in a helicopter.

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Google Shows Ads

Google’s display ads, or ads with images, have been showing up across the Web and even in Times Square. Now they are bound for Gmail.

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